About the Washington Tattoo Academy

Washington Tattoo Academy aspires to preserve and advance the quality of work and service in the tattoo industry through comprehensive and experiential learning. Washington Tattoo Academy believes being a tattoo artist is more than a career; it is a lifestyle and a unique way of seeing the world. Those drawn to this industry are passionate and creative visionaries. Often this path chooses you, the artist; therefore, selecting your education and path to success is paramount. Washington Tattoo Academy is an educational reservoir for future tattoo artists providing an effective solution toward training and apprenticeship.

Washington Tattoo Academy has carefully curated educational material that will enable you, the artist, to develop and operate a tattoo business that is both professional and profitable. The Academy concentrates extensively on the methodology of tattooing and best practices within the tattoo industry. Our unique curriculum includes a comprehensive reading list to expand your knowledge of history, traditions, and techniques. Our hands-on approach allows students to interact with day-to-day circumstances in the work arena, fostering discussion and dialogue of real-time scenarios encountered by working artists. The Academy helps enhance your unique creative vision by building your signature style and honing your skill set, offering you a solid foundation to begin your exciting career. We teach professional etiquette and industry standards that set you apart from the rest. We provide practical instruction in a professional and thriving studio setting. Working alongside a Master Tattoo artist, you will grow both in artistic capabilities and professional business knowledge, setting the stage for your future success. Washington Tattoo Academy is committed to producing quality and safety-conscious Tattoo Artists. You will depart the Academy as a Licensed Tattoo Artist, complete with your professional artistic portfolio and the confidence to achieve your goals!