Piercing Course

Piercing Course

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Washington Tattoo Academy's Body Piercing Certificate Program is an enhanced course set to provide students with in-depth training on all aspects of body piercing. This all-encompassing course offers a broad understanding of the world of body piercing. Upon completion and passing course theory and practical exams, students receive a Certificate of Completion. Our small group learning environment allows for an enhanced hands-on personal engagement with our qualified instructors. In addition to knowledge-based learning, the Academy offers the opportunity to gain field experience and build a work portfolio through hands-on experience in a thriving studio. Washington Tattoo Academy strives to create a stable support network for our students to build confidence as they begin their career journey.

The Academy's Body Piercing Course covers body piercing history, sterilization, aseptic techniques, bloodborne pathogens, body piercing tools, body piercing techniques, shop safety, and industry standards, as well as assisting your pathway to licensure. This course will cover full-body piercing techniques, including dermal implants. For the course duration, the studio will provide all essential equipment. Start-up packs will be available to buy for students who pass the course at a discounted price.

Minimum requirements for entrance to the program:

  • Must be eighteen years of age.
  • Completion of online Bloodborne pathogens training.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine or signed Declination form.
  • Body and dermal Piercing
  • The process of body piercing using industry best practice techniques
  • Jewelry sizing and placement
  • Set up preparation and break down
  • Piercing bylaws
  • Human anatomy
  • Health & Safety
  • How to spot signs of infection and complications from piercings
  • Understanding pathogens
  • What is a blood-born exposure
  • COVID precautions
  • What is cross-contamination and how to prevent it
  • How to keep a hygienic studio
  • How to safely sterilize equipment
  • Theory and practical piercing on real people

Ear Piercing

  • lobes
  • upper lobes
  • snug
  • outer helix
  • helix
  • forward helix
  • tragus
  • anti-tragus
  • conch
  • daith
  • rook
  • flat


Facial Piercing

  • eyebrow
  • nostrils
  • septum
  • bridge
  • labret
  • medusa
  • Monroe
  • vertical labret
  • jestrum
  • tongue


Body Piercing

  • male nipples
  • female nipples
  • surface
  • navel (belly button)
  • reverse navel
  • dermal implants