Tattoo Course

Tattoo Course

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Tattoo Level 1 

Tattoo Level 1 (Fundamentals) is our benchmark, an intensive 63-hour, four-week course. Our professional instruction team is State Certified and uniquely qualified in teaching safety standards for the industry. During these four weeks, you will begin to express your unique signature of artistic ability. You will be building your knowledge and theory through written work while producing your creative portfolio. The Academy will provide all tattoo equipment to use during the hands-on portion of the course. Upon completion, you will have earned your certification in Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP).

4 Week Course includes:

Sterilization & Aseptic Techniques, Microorganisms & Infectious Disease, Bloodborne Pathogens, Communicable Diseases, Cross-Contamination, The Best Shop Safety Practices & Procedures, Equipment Cleaning & Sterilization, Preventing Transmission of BBP

Introduction to the Coil Machine, Setup, Tuning & Maintaining, Needles, understanding the equipment, Needle Configurations

Inks, Color Theory, Color Mixing, Tattoo Design, Stencils, Photoshop

Basic Linework & Shading.

BBP Certification Included.


Tattoo level 2

Tattoo Level 2 (Advanced)builds on our Fundamentals Course, broadening the scope of application. This 4-week 60-hour curriculum builds your tattoo artist resume with advanced instruction in linework, shading, and introduction to advanced styles of the tattoo industry. You will see blood, but it's what you don't see that has the potential to cause blood-borne diseases that can be harmful and FATAL. Concepts like aseptic technique, sterilization, autoclaving, blood barriers, and contamination will have a renewed understanding. More importantly, you will learn to protect your family from disease transmission. Your Certificate of completion sets you apart from the rest!


4 Week Course includes:

Introduction to the rotary tattoo machine, cartridge needles, and advanced power supply

Advanced Linework & Shading Techniques

Introduction to color tattooing and color packing

Your tattooing equipment arsenal increases and includes all art supplies, which you keep.

Finally, in addition to your Tattoo Artist and Blood Borne Pathogen Certifications, you will receive an intense, instructor-in-your-face, hands-on tattooing instruction focused on making you a better and more advanced tattoo artist. Your Certificate of Completion sets you apart!


Tattoo level 3

Our Advanced Tattoo course is an intensive 75 hour, 5 week curriculum that teaches the fundamentals & advanced skills, preparing you for work in a thriving tattoo salon. This intensive, advanced-level course introduces the coil machine and rotary machine. We also cover tattoo shop operations and management, pricing, and selling. Upon completing the Advanced Tattoo Course, each student earned 200 clock hours, including blood-borne pathogens certification and Washington Tattoo License.

4 Week Course includes:

Development of advanced linework, shading, & color

Portfolio building

Advanced styles of tattooing

Practice & development of advanced techniques in tattooing.

Classes Start (2022)

Spring Session April 1st - July 1st (200 hours total)

Winter Session September 1st - December 1st (200 hours total)